Alaska Icelandic Horse Association​​​

To preserve the uniqueness and integrity of the Icelandic Horse

AIHA Schooling Show

AIHA Schooling Show at Arctic Arrow Farm on August 19th at 10:00 am.  Everyone is welcome, intended for four and five gaited icelandic horses.  Ride fee is $20 per rider with a potluck style lunch during the break.  If you plan to participate in the AIHA Sanctioned Show in September this would be a great opportunity to practice and learn.  Contact Janet Mulder or Amelia Carney for more information.

2018 Results: (Disclaimer - IceTest did not allow me to input
.25 or .75 as a result so these scores were rounded up to . 3 or .8)
Also fun classes did not get into the PDF. Flag Race: Ellen Halverson
first place, Koen Mulder second place.  Ribbon Matched pairs: Janet
and Mia Mulder first place, Denise and Ella Chythlook second place. 
Lemonade Tolt: Denise Chythlook first place, Ellen Halverson second place.
2018 Schooling Show
Results (PDF) fun classes missing

AIHA Sanctioned Show

AIHA Sanctioned Show will be hosted by Artic Arrow Farm on September 15-16.  World Championship Judge, Peter Jokull Hakanarsson will be coming from Iceland.  Last year was a success, come join us in 2018!

2018 Sanctioned Show Results (PDF)
2018 Competitions Gallery
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2017 AIHA Sanctioned Show Results

2017 Sanctioned Show Results
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