Alaska Icelandic Horse Association​​​

To preserve the uniqueness and integrity of the Icelandic Horse

Virtual Rides

FEIF Ride to Landmot/World Championships

FEIF has organized virtual rides to encourage the Icelandic Horse community to come together world wide by participating in a Facebook community to encourage a support one another as we look forward to annual summer events.  The current one is the ride to Reykjavik to arrive at the 2018 Landsmot festivities.  You can find more information and join our club on its ride here:  https:​//​​

You can join the FB group here:
Sea to Shining Sea Ride

USIHC has organized a virtual ride to encourage leisure riding in the USA and to allow those riders to engage in friendly competition with one another.  This ride starts July 4 and ends July 3 the following year.  More information about the current Sea 2 Shining Sea Ride can be found here:
If you are a current USIHC member please join us on our ride.

You can join the FB group here: